Do you find yourself fighting pain? Cursing or bemoaning your ills, asking yourself “Why me?” Why is it some people seem to be so resilient when it comes to their health, when others of us are laid low by every bug, lurgy, ache or pain that seems to be in vogue at the moment?


Consider what would be different if you accepted that the pain or illness was there, that it exists – and then let it wash over you, seeing it then pass out of your body. Accept it, and know (really know!) that your body is a miracle and knows what to do if only you wouldn’t fight it.

Consider all the other amazing things your body does without your conscious awareness – your heart beats, your sweat glands regulate your temperature, your kidneys regulate your fluid levels – why not let your body use its natural parasympathetic systems to manage your pain?

Let it run its natural course, imagine it flowing out of your extremities, and wait for it to be replaced by comfort and ease. Think of it as a wave on the ocean that peaks and crashes to the shore, and then retreats – quickly. Don’t resist it and remember that all life is flow…………