To create massive change in your life and in your health, it helps to have a child-like sense of curiosity about the pain you experience.

There are many theories on the origins of pain, and I won’t go in to the long list of these – that is not the purpose of this article. Rather I’d like you to have some curiosity regarding the possible links between what is going on in your body and what is going on between your ears.


If you are suffering from lower back pain, for example, ask yourself in what ways are you not feeling supported, particularly financially? Are you pushing down feelings of anger, frustration or rage over some event in your life that it would be otherwise unacceptable to vent about, telling yourself it doesn’t matter? Suffering from headaches? Is there an unpleasant task that you have been putting off and know that this is something that you really ‘should’ do?

Do you know that we can train ourselves to have headaches to give ourselves permission to avoid dealing with painful, unpleasant, or otherwise undesirable tasks and responsibilities? And that we learn how to do this from a very young age?

I notice a lot of people are in some ways committed to having pain – I don’t mean to say that they consciously decide to be in pain, after all, that would be pretty silly wouldn’t it? But if you offer them some ideas about the management of pain that might be outside of their model of the world, they will often have a variety of reactions to this news – from politely declining to consider it to declaring that their pain is different, it is mechanical, and any other explanation is nonsense.

But what if there was something to the mind-body connection of pain? Imagine being so in touch with your body and your mind that you understand that you truly create every aspect of your world, including your quality of life?

A healthy mind and body is everyone’s birthright, and in order to train your body to be as healthy as it deserves to be, it might be worth your while considering as many ‘different’ ideas that you are able to stretch to. Having a sense of curiosity around your pain can lead you on all sorts of fascinating discoveries about the way your body tries to help you deal with your emotions and stresses in your life.

It is with a willingness to open your mind to different possibilities that creates true growth in all kinds of areas in your life, yes, even in your health. So be willing to look at your pain problem from all angles.

What will it cost your health and your life if you do? What will it cost your health and your life if you don’t?