Our minds are more powerful than we realise. We offer you the latest in pain management products that offer a gentle alternative to allow your mind to help you alleviate your symptoms, bypassing the conscious critical process that registers pain symptoms.

By utilising the latest change techniques in guided imagery, visualisation and enhanced relaxation, the unconscious mind is engaged to effect a release of pain symptoms. The link between the mind and body is well understood by science today, and the techniques used on these audio products utilise this link to provide a safe, benign environment to allow your mind to release pain.



Admittedly some types of pain have organic and visible causes, and in any case it is always recommended to follow the advice of your primary health care professional. But in some cases, there is no known cause of frequently distressing chronic pain and where modern medicine is unable to provide relief consistently, we recommend using these meditation audios to assist your recovery and regain your normal life activities.

My clients and I have found the following meditations to be most effective in releasing and removing pain symptoms, and it is my earnest wish for you that these downloadable products will assist you on your journey to peaceful good health.  I have so enjoyed putting them together for you! Be sure to check out our store.

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